Going Through a Hard Time? Depressed?

We all go through our hardest times in our lives at some point. Most of the time, it’s in your teens. That’s really sad actually. We might get bullied, or feel insecure, feel neglected and left out. So what happens? We bottle up these emotions just so that we don’t “embarrass” ourselves even further. But let’s be honest. Seriously? I’ve had little experience with this but you might think that because it was for such a small time, I didn’t exactly “go through it” or “experience it”. Well let me stop you right there. Even if we go through it at the smallest time frame, we’re still going through it. That’s for sure. We don’t have to be sad or depressed for 1 – 2 years to say that we’ve actually “been through it” and experienced what it “felt like”. Frankly, the people who have gone through for a shorter time being, may have gone through it on a much harsher and difficult level compared to you. Some people say that “I wanted it to be more dramatic..” or “I thought you went through this for like a year dude…” Go ahead and think that and for the people who either “wanted” or “thought” it will be more dramatic. It is really “dramatic” as you call it. When they say it face-to-face or when they type it out to you, you might think that it was a very brief time period and that they didn’t really do anything. They did. I have advice to get through it. But first I would like to state something important. Please don’t cut yourselves. That’s not the way out of it. Those scars will never fade and even if they do, they’ll always leave behind a mark/memory for you to see forever. If you are cutting right now, please stop. Just check this blog every day or every few hours because I would really LOVE to help you. I know what your going through and I know it sucks but cutting is not the answer. Now comes the advice part. Just let your emotions out. Bottling them up will make it even worse and it’s pretty unhealthy for your mind and body. Basically your body. Yes, I know that your going through a hard time and I know what it feels like. I went through the same thing. I bottled up my emotions as well but it was very wrong of me to do so. After a few months, I was way to unhappy and I wanted to get myself back on track. So I talked to one of my best friends about it. She had gone through it too and she knew how to help me and she did. She made sure to either text or call me every 30 minutes to an hour and I always answered her. She made sure to help me through it, and definitely made me laugh a lot! It helped me so much! Just talk it out to your best friend whom you can trust forever. Or talk to your most trusted family member. If you don’t have one, then talk to me. I’m here for you. Just leave a comment(: Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to respond ASAP. I promise, things WILL get better! ❤


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